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The Supreme Master Ching Hai
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Meditation method Quan Yin

I do not belong to Buddhism or Catholicism. I belong to the Truth and I preach the Truth.
You may call it Buddhism, Catholicism, Taoism, or whatever you like. I welcome all!

~ The Supreme Master Ching Hai ~

Nejvy??? Mistryn? Ching Hai
The Supreme Master Ching Hai
I have come to take you Home
Since the ancient time there is always
a way to go back to the Kingdom of God,
there is always a way to see God.

But we must know how,
we must know someone who knows
that way already and pointed out to us.

We have until kingdom come to learn this,
but we can make it out immediately with
a Light and Sound method.

It is the only method from the ancient time
which can take us to the highest stage and
let us understand our great power.
Then it is simple.

It is my privilege that God
has ordered me to share this knowledge
among our brothers and sisters on this planet.

Knowing God is the only goal in our life.
Everything else is temporary.

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